Selina Black

Selina Black

White Flamingo
Sergio Cerqueira
+44 7869 081769


Acting age
24 - 34 years
Year of birth
1986 (34 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
blue green
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
London UK
Housing options
London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Berlin, Edinburgh, and any other city in the EU
Swiss, Italian
German: native-language
English: native-language
French: fluent
Italian: medium
Aargauer: only when required
Appenzeller German: only when required
Bern German: only when required
Basel German: only when required
Lucerne dialect: only when required
Schaffhausen dialect: only when required
Zürich German: always (Native dialect)
Bundner German: only when required
London (English): always
Swiss-German: always
St.-Galler German: only when required
English: only when required
American: only when required
Swiss: only when required
Alpine skiing, skiing, Swim, Yoga
Video clip dancing: professional
Actor, Singer
Jazz: professional
Song: professional
Blues: professional
Ballad: professional
Country: professional
Rock/Pop: professional
Soul/RnB: professional
Classic: professional
A cappella: professional
Choir: professional
Backing vocals: professional
Improvisation: professional

Vita entries

Professional background

Screen Acting Courses at The Actors Centre - ongoing |P.E.M. Foundation, The Actors Centre, Sarah Victoria |Diploma in Acting for Film & TV, London Academy of Film, TV & Media

Other Education & Training

Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP)
Higher Diploma, Vocals
University of Zurich
1st year, Undergraduate, Psychology and Ethics


Batman: Seeds of Fear (Feature film)
Misty (SR) Lee Brown Distribution: Dagger Studios
Saturday Afternoon (Cinema film)
Chiara (SR) Mostofa Sawar Farooki Distribution: Chabial The film won multiple awards at international film festivals such as the Russian Film Critics Award.
Leopards Cannot Be Kissed (Short film)
Rob (LR) Rav Punj Distribution: Dimension Prime Productions
The Fallen Crane (Short film)
Angelica (LR) Daryl Sookun Distribution: Daryl Sookun Films
Swear (Short film)
Rachel (LR) Jed Welland Distribution: Mellow 9 Productions
The Power of Max (Short film)
Nicola (LR) Josh Farrell Distribution: Eject Films screened at Raindance Film Festival
Lighter (Cinema film)
Sam Stewart (SR) Sarah Stephanie Distribution: Good Orderly Direction
Erasmus in Trouble (Short film)
Steffie Meister (SR) Maria Olalla Del Valle Distribution: Puchifilm
Time and a Date (Short film)
Jane (LR) Simon Reason Distribution: XLR Visions
Chosen (Short film)
Jessica Daily (LR) Daniel Knight Distribution: DKnight Films
Time (Feature film)
Emma Hodgson (LR) Lee Brown Distribution: Dagger Studios
The Beheading of Barry Lynch (Cinema film)
Melanie (SR) Jack Millard Distribution: Los Barbudos Pictures


Operation Cobra (Series)
Sandra (SR) Munesh Rawat TV Channel: Eros International Media
Britain's Most Evil Killers (Documentary series)
Sue Peck (OR) Lloyd Thompson TV Channel: Woodcut Media/Sky Pick
Masterdate (Mini series)
Grace (LR) Jonathan Hateley, Chris Bould TV Channel: MET Films


Leave it at the top step (Audio drama)
Florence (LR) Nick Varey
Babywalz Promo (Narrator)
German VO (LR) Sanjeev Das Audio: Babywalz
Secret Escapes Promo (Narrator)
German VO (LR) Sanjeev Das Audio: Secret Escapes
Toyota Voice Recognition (Narrator)
English Speaker (LR) Sukanaya Singh Audio: Toyota
Pictet Asset Brand Video (Narrator)
English VO (LR) Hywel Jones Audio: Pictet Asset Managment
Superdrug Data Protection Video (Narrator)
Swiss German & German VO (LR) Steven Gurevitz Audio: 2002 Studios
AS Watson Privacy Notice Video (Narrator)
Swiss German & German VO (LR) Steven Gurevitz Audio: 2002 Studios
Daimler Chrysler Internal Training (Narrator)
Swiss German & German VO (LR) Harish Shanbhogue Audio: Daimler Chrysler
Sonora Mystery (Audio drama)
German VO (LR) Dominic Robertson Audio: BRF (German Radio Station)


Stay Wild Promo Video (Other)
VO Copy (writer) (OR) Chris Schmid
Cover Up and Die - Youth Illusion (Music video)
Girlfriend (LR) Josh Farrell
Soul of the Pantanal (Music video)
Lyricist (OR) Chris Schmid
SVB Healthcare Promo Video (Instructional series)
Presenter (German) (LR) Stefan Radu
SVB Healthcare Promo Video (Instructional series)
Presenter (Swiss-German) (LR) Stefan Radu